About us

byVÅGA is owned and designed by Elice Kax.

In 2018, Elice repurchased the company she co-founded in 2007 but had sold in 2016. byVÅGA is now well-established in the market, and its jewelry is loved by many.

Elice puts a lot of energy into each piece of jewelry, with a desire to make it special. She combines raw materials with exclusive ones to achieve that unexpected twist.

Her inspiration comes from colors, textures, and shapes, and she often starts the design process for a collection by laying out various materials on the design table to see what emerges from it. The foundation is laid with the chains, beads, crystals, and stones that harmonize together. From there, sketches of pendants and shapes are created, which are then cast and plated before becoming a finished necklace, bracelet, earring, or ring.

The keywords for the final product are FEMININE-COOL-LUXURIOUS.

The men’s jewelry line is called V man and is created by Elia, who also works on photographing byVÅGA’s images. V man exclusively works with steel mixed with stone and leather. These are jewelry pieces for the conscious man.